Home Office

4 Sep 2015

Whether you have a dedicated room, a desk in the corner or you work from the sofa, our ideas are sure to make getting your work done at home easier than ever.  

In our modern lives being connected is more important than ever.  

Our ranges comprise numerous telecommunication outlets that present you a consistent style and design that sit in line with the rest of our switches and sockets, so you can retain harmonious styling throughout your home and home office.

Amongst our ranges we offer a great selection of TV, Telephone, USB and RJ45 sockets to connect and hook up your home office peripherals so you can work effortlessly and efficiently.   

Beautiful engineering to compliment your stylish home office, our Flat Plate Screwless 13 AMP Socket Outlet with Quad USB Charger (5.1A) is sure to add the finishing touches to your home office


Inspirational all-in-one lighting, USB charging and Power socket connectivity devices for your home office. If space is a premium in your home office we offer a range of intelligent and space saving lighting and combined connectivity options to maximise your available working areas.  

Take a look at our Power Station (Under Cabinet) range that offer truly practical, ingeniously designed and flexible connectivity options to your home office.

Simplicity and functionality is your best choice, like our Power Station – with 2 x 13A sockets, 2 x USB charging ports and 2 x RJ45 Ethernet connections.


Your companion when you are busy and need space saving efficiency is our range of Pop up Sockets, incorporating an IP54 Waterproof design, 3 x 13A sockets and 2 x USB charging ports for a versatile and flexible solution.

A fresh, functional and modern design to perfectly match your home office décor.  Choose from our huge range that includes the above featured 2G Socket with Dual USB Chargers in striking stainless steel with colour co-ordinated steel rocker switches.